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Hi. I'm Peter Erik

I'm into systems psychology. I'm a first generation U.S Citizen now the 5th consecutive generation to be born in a different land than the generation before me.

I guess you could say I am of Nomad blood by association and behavior.
I'm a student of  Ikigai. Which means; to find a meaningful path.
I'm an Entrepreneur. Business owner who specializes in Chronic Pain Diagnostics.  

A Freelance filmmaker.  And a fledgling Agrarian.
In my spare time I study and practice

Philosophy, Systems Psychology, and community development. 
Who I am today, verse a few years ago is something only I know and others see from glimpses of photos, videos, blogs, and research collaborations.
But In short I have embraced a complicated thought that unfortunately overlaps in multiple  fundamental systems that I feel are the life lines of societies today, yesterday and Tomorrow.

 This would include...

Healthcare system

Economic system

Identity/Belief system

Governing system

Self Defense system

and Agriculture system. 

Collectively these "fields of interest" have run the world time and time again.

And there are libraries and dissertations by the thousands that promote a belief on how best to navigate each respectably.

Even with an overwhelming presence of pessimism, entitlement, fear, and envy and fantasy outlooks on what life will look like in the near future. I Believe the future generation would be wise to consider knowing how to embody the following principles within their life. Because whether one is a specialist, or an admirer. We are in every min of our day exercising every principle I have listed here. 


So feel free to join me as I journey through history, as I chart old beliefs, customs, laws, lifestyles and means of a living to perhaps one day offer my two cents on the timeless conversation of 

what is the meaning of life. 

Peter Erik Reel - 2022
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